Idly is most important breakfast in south india. Men can’t live without idlies in their food. My father eats idly everyday like every south indian do…If u marrying a guy from thanjavur or south side of india, karnataka and tamilnadu, then u must learn to make idlies for sure. My mother used to make idly dough(maavu) in attukal as 5 kgs. Attukal is ancient flour grinding tool, we soak rice and urad dal for long hours,then grind in heavy stones sealed in floor. We have to roll 10 kilo weighing stone with hands for hours . Now we have tilting grinder, which is more efficient and easy to use. We make thick dough (flow consistency) with right ratio of soaked rice and urad dal. I made so many experiments, always went wrong to get soft and fluffy idlies…. I tried many wrong recipes, wrong way of handling doughs, wrong way of cooking it… totally confused…I used to watch how they make idlies in hotels.

Wash Rice and Urad dal seperately….soak rice for 2 hours and urad dal for 30 minutes…Grind rice with 2 cups of water(can add more) to make flowing consistency dough…Add 1/2 water to urad dal and grind to thick(butter) holding consistency…Make urad and rice dough and add 3 tbsp of Rock Salt…Mix well and leave to ferment for 8 hours…If ur place is not sunny, u can try yeast or keep in oven for warmth….

After fermentation, the dough will be double in amount. Do not add water.. Do not stir.. Just take scoop of idly dough and steam it for 5 minutes (dont over steam it)….

Serve hot with any chutney.

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