Badam kheer

Corn halwa

badam kheer


Full Cream milk-2 cups

Almond -10 nos

Cashew– 0 nos

Pistochios -5 nos

Saffron -5 strings

Elachi powder-2 pinch

Desicated coconut-1/2 tsp


To Garnish fine sliced nuts

1.Soak almond & pistachios in hot water for half an hour and peel the skins

2.Grain cashew,almond & pistachios to fine paste with few drops of milk

3.Soak Saffron in 2 tbsps of chill milk (if the milk turns yellow immediately, the saffron is fake)

4.Add the paste,saffron,Elachi powder to full cream milk

5.Garnish nuts and coconut on top

6.Serve Chilled kheer

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