Sura puttu

Sura puttu

Sura Puttu

The Shark fish has no sharp bones and easily to cook as we like…


Pal Sura – 200gms

Shallots- handful, chopped

Turmeric -half tsp

Salt to taste

Oil -2-3 tsp

Curry leaves -a few

Sombu/Jeera-1 tsp

Green Chillies,chopped-2-3

Coconut,grated-3-4 tbsp


1.Boil the water and add the fish pieces to cook them

2.Fry the jeera,onions in oil, add green chillies, coconut and turmeric

3.Remove the fish pieces from water, peel the skin and scramble them

4.Add the fish to onions and fry them

5.Add salt and cook until it tenders.

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