Priya's feast

Cornflakes mixture

Corn Flour,Unroasted-1 kg
Beaten Rice-250 gms
Ground Nuts-100 gms
Badam and Cashewnuts-100gms
Curry leaves-As much as u like
Chilli powder-2 tsp
Sugar-4 tsp
Salt-1 tbsp
Coconut Oil-For deep Frying


Pre wash the Curry leaves and Dry them

Pour the Coconut oil in a pan,with a strainer like this

Throw the curry leaves into the strain and fry them until sizzling stops

Fry the beaten rice/Aval similarily…The Aval turned the oil frothy and it over flowed…
So use the oil only the 1/2 level of the cooking pan

Fry the groundnuts until it turns slight brown like this..

Add the 1/4 th of the cornflakes and fry them…It happened in 20 secs

Once fried, Shake the strainer to take off the excess oil

Fry the nuts in simlar way

Add the Chilli powder to the fried mixture

And the sugar and salt

Crush the mixture

And mix them well

and its ready to munch

I used the coconut oil to make the mixture, U can use any oil. Divide the recipe into four as i did.Fry the items in minimal quantities to make it perfect..Use the strainer to fry all the small ingredients in just one go..Add the chilli powder and salt when the mixture is hot

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