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Tri-root halwa

I like my mother’s sweet preparations specially, the halwa versions. She grows the pumpkin creeper in back yards. The creeper spreads like crazy all over the place, covers the walls, little plants and just finally in a week time, it enters the home too. Then i or someone has to tell her, it has to be cropped, before she gets covered…. 🙂 Nothing as such, whenever the creepers are removed, we get huge number of pumpkins. Then she cultivates again in the same soil after a few months of break. Recently, she brought dum root halwa to my home which reminds me of this version.Though, we cannot call it dum root, but it is definitely quick and easy version of halwa…Sure, its taste too good..

Tri-root Halwa Recipe
Carrot, grated-1 cup
Beetroot, grated-1 cup
Turnip, grated-1 cup
Sugar-1 1/2 cup
Unsweetened Khoya-1/2 cup(optional)
Ghee/Oil-50 ml
Milk-100 ml
Cucumber seeds-1 tbsp
Cashews-a few

1.Place the kadai, add the oil, add the cashews and cucumber seeds, sauté until it turns crispy

2.Sprinkle the grated vegetable and sauté it well for 5-6 minutes

3.Once, the raw smell has gone, add the milk and let it cook for sometime

4.Add the khoya and sugar, Stir continuously

5.Once, the sugar melted, all mixed well…let it cook for 5 minutes…and remove when it gets unsticky consistency…At this stage, some ghee gets released from halwa…So,its ready to serve hot 🙂

*Use equal measures of vegetables, and use 1:1 1/2 ratio of sugar. So, none of the three vegetables can over rule in the taste.

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