Priya's feast


Kandarappam is one of the most important delicacy in chettinad cuisine.For any festival ,the meal will not be complete without this sweet appam.It is not very easy nor too tricky,the batter should be thick enough to pour and the frying time is very less than other delicacy.I have tried couple of times,it didnt work somewhere , the appam looks unique with crispy edges and puffed up into spongy center.If anyone tasted this appam,they will like this for sure.But if people try some of the traditional dishes,It should turn out well as made traditionally in chettinad.


Raw rice -3/4 cup

Urad dal– 2 tbsps

Parboiled rice– 2 tbsps

Coconut, grated- 3 tbsps

Jaggery-1/2 cup

Karuppatti-1/2 cup

Cardamon powder-1/2 tsp

Water-1/2 cup


1.Wash and soak both the rice and the dal for two hours.

2.Mix karuppatti and jaggery with half cup of water. Boil it until everything gets melted. Add the cardamon powder and let it cool.

2.Add the rice to the blender and Filter the jaggery syrup directly to it. Grind it to smooth batter like idli batter. Heat an iron pan with a cup of oil/ When the oil is hot, pour the batter with hallow ladle, keeping ladle an inch away.

3.The appam will cook one side in 15 seconds raises on top ,flip the appam and cook for another 30 seconds. It will not take much time to cook.


1.Use enough of oil to allow the appam to float on top, otherwise the appam will stick to the kadai.

2.Using karuppatti gives the best taste than using whole jaggery..

3.Cook appam one by one and the batter doesnt need to ferment.

4.Use quality rice to make this appam, otherwise it turns very rubbery

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