Seven cup sweet

this is my grand mother’s recipe,i love making it.Its so simple,a best beginner’s friendly sweet recipe..the taste will be more like a mix of mysore pak and coconut burfi..

Besan Flour/Pottukadai maavu-1 cup
Ghee/Oil-1 cup
Dessicated coconut /Fresh Coconut ,grated-1 cup
Milk-1 cup
Sugar-3 cups


1.Sieve flour and mix all ingredients in heavy ,hollow pan
2.Heat the pan and stir in medium flame to melt the sugar well
3.In few minutes, the mix will like become in pic 1 of kadai
4.Keeping stirring until it forms thick and starts leaving the edges
5.Grease a plate or tray and pour and level with a laddle
6.Place some roasted nuts on burfi and let it cool
7.When its in little cooled, line the burfi with knife

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