Onion samosa

Onion Samosas

I couldnt wait to post this which i made two weeks ago. Since the winter arrives, the evening cravings for snacks are more demanding. Hubby was asking me to make this for long time. I am keen in finishing the groceries i bought from india. Later, I noted down to buy pastry sheets, so it becomes instant fix for evening snacks. I usually like the soft samosas than this. But this is more crispy cruncher and easy to make. How about having some hot ginger chai along with samosa in a rainy day.


Sauted Onion-1 cup

Pastry sheet-4-5

Maida-1 tsp

Oil to deep fry


1.Make the filling for onions sauting with some salt, chilli powder and curry powder.

2.Mix the maida with water to make into paste.

3.Thaw the pastry sheets for one hour. Gently remove each sheet and cut them into triangles.

Cut the sheet diagnally in center, so that becomes two triangle sheets.

4.Keep the filling in center and apply the maida paste on edges

5.Bring two sides of sheets enclosed and gently tighten the edges, tuck in the corners inside and then apply the paste on remaining single side and finally enclose the samosa.

Deep fry them and serve hot.

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