Pasta in Bechemel sauce

Alfredo sauce is different from Béchamel sauce…Béchamel sauce means mother of sauce
(one among the five mother sauces)..

Farfella in Béchamel sauce
For the Sauce


Boiled Milk – 4 cups

Olive Oil/Butter-40 gms

Flour-35 gms 

Salt-1/4 tsp


    Heat the butter/Oil and Sprinkle the flour and Roast them

Once, the flour absorbs all the moisture, Add a portion of milk on the sides by keep stirring at other hand,

Stir until all the milk is absorbed by the flour

(Do it in a quick process -Keep on stirring it to avoid the lumps), Finally add the salt to the sauce

Farfella Pasta

Pasta – 400 gms

Boil the pasta and keep aside

In a fry pan, add the bell peppers and basil and saute them in olive oil

To serve the pasta for a party

Mix the pasta, dried Italian Seasoning, Sauce, Vegetables and sprinkle the cheese on top

Bake the bowl for 10 minutes for 170C in a pre-heated oven before serving it

For using larger amount, Repeat the process as layers and end with cheese

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