Rava dosa


Rava -1 cup

Maida – half cup

Rice flour – half cup

Salt to taste

Oil -1/2 cup

Rest is optional

Pepper corns -2 tsp

Cumin -2 tsp

Curd -1/4 curd

Green chilly chopped-2

Asafoedia -2 pinches


Roasted nuts-a few

Coconut pieces – a few

Chopped ginger – a few



  1. Mix all the ingredients and add water 2-3 cups of water

2.The dough should be thinnest consistency like buttermilk

3.Heat the dosa pan and Pour the dough (don’t spread it like 9 normal dosa)

4. Once u pour, it leaves lots of pours (this is the right consistency)

5.If not, add some more water to ur dough

6.Make thin dosa n drizzle some oil all over it

7.It takes longer time to cook then usual dosa

8.Turn the dosa upside down

9.Remove and Serve with coconut and green chutney

10.Donot store this rava dosa dough..cos it turns tangy and soggy

11.Prepare rava dosa dough at smaller amount (as i have given), the rava gets dissolved when u rest the dough for long time

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