Sprouts kozhukattai

As i posted yesterday about sweet version of yalpanam kozhukattai…this one is complete healthy…I just used sprouts instead of sweet poranam…u need not have to skip the lunch or dinner to eat high calorie of kolukattais…U can have 3-4 of these for dinner as i did..


Brown rice flour-1 cup

Hot water- 2 cups

Salt to taste

For stuffing

Mixed sprouts-1 cup


Boil the water and salt, sprinkle the flour slowly and stir it non stop until it forms a tight dough..

Cover and rest it for ten minutes.

Cook the sprouts with salt until it turns tender, season it with mustard and asafeodia

Apply some oil on a zip-lock and spread dough

Keep the filling in center 

and press without removing the zip-lock, and seal the edges

Steam it for 7-8 minutes, and switch off the flame

Let it cool for 2 minutes and then remove the kozhukattai

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