Sticky buns

Sticky buns are old fashioned dessert, only in few places sells them here. And there will be a long queue to buy during summer. The dough has to rest for overnight and the buns must be consumed in single day..I just wanted to give a try to find whats the hype behind it. It was over as soon as i made it. I didnt take stepwise pictures (i was too lazy that day) and the method is as same as you do the cinnamon rolls. You can check my previous post here. These sticky buns are much sticky on bottom. So you should serve it upside down, so the filling plays the sticky role.

As per wikipedia – Sticky buns also have a Germanic origin and were originally known as “Schnecken“. The Pennsylvania Dutch introduced Schnecken in the United States. Wherever 18th-century German settlers (such as the Pennsylvania Dutch) went, sticky buns have remained long after many other cultural traits have disappeared


All purpose flour- 3+1/2 cups

Brown sugar-3 tbps

Salt -1 tsp

Lukewarm milk -1 cup

Instant dried yeast-2 tsps


Egg yorks – 2

Butter-150 gms


Walnuts -3/4 cup, roasted and chopped

Dates-3/4 cup, chopped

Butter-150 gms

Brown sugar-1 cup

Ground cinnamon -2 tsps

Ground ginger-1 tsp

Zest of lemon-1 tsp


1.Put 3+1/4 cup of flour and all the remaining dry ingredients in a large bowl and mix it

2.Whisk the milk, egg and egg yolks and pour it over the flour mix

3.Gently beat in the butter to the dough for 2 minutes and scrap the bowl

4.Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight

5.Remove the dough from fridge an hour early before you roll

6.To make the filling, combine all ingredients to make a fine paste

7.Roll out the dough on a floured surface into a rectangle 40cm*20cm

8.Spread the filling evenly and roll up from the long side to form a log

9.Cut into 12 to 15 rounds and place on a rectangle tray lined with parchment paper

10.Let the rolls rest for 10 minutes and bake for 15 minutes in a preheated oven for 180*C

Best served on the day of making

I have received mails from some of you, I am glad to see my readers like my recipes and trying them and also letting me know it. How wonderful people are.. I am glad to see people are cooking and baking along with me. Thank you for sharing and appreciating the good things in life with me…

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