Bread halwa

Bread Halwa is a famous sweet in muslim community. I guess a same set of menu is repeated in most muslim marriages and of course, this halwa turns to be a hit /must and going well with the indian crowd…I got the recipe from Chennai Food guide page, during their Biryani cookout workshop. I have already posted their Brinjal thokku recipe here…While making the halwa, the expert well explained that breads needs to be more browner to get the actual taste of halwa. She deep fried all the breads in one go…I was guilty to do the same. I took time and toasted the bread to dark brown with oil…So, you can try either way.

Milk Bread – one loaf (10-12 nos)
Sugar-one cup
Milk – half litre
Sweetened khoya-1/2 cup
Cucumber seeds-2 tbsps
Cashewnuts-a few
Ghee / oil-100ml


1.Deep Fry/Toast the bread with ghee / oil till it turns dark brown

2.Boil the milk add the bread one by one, let it turn soggy and break it with laddle

3.Once the 3/4 th of the milk is absorbed, add the sugar

4.Heat the ghee / oil in another pan, fry the seeds and cashews

5.Add it to the halwa, Stir it often, Sprinkle the khoya at the end and Stir for two minutes
Halwa should be well incorporated with all the ingredients

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