Vanilla butter cake

Vanilla Butter Cake with Butter creaming Icing
Baking time: 45-1.00 hours
Temperature: 180C/350F
Baking Pan: 20 cms Round/Square

Butter/Margarine- 250gms
Powdered Sugar– 250gms
Eggs– 5
All purpose flour/Maida– 250gms
Baking powder– 2 ½ tsps
Vanilla Essence- 2 tsps
Salt– a pinch

1.Beat the butter and sugar for 2 minutes
2.Add egg one by one and beat them well
3.Add vanilla essence and salt and continue to beat
3.Sieve flour and baking powder and add little by little to the batter and beat it slowly
4.Once done, pour the batter to greased baking pan
5.Bake it for 45 minutes at 180*C in a preheated oven

It doesn’t take 45 minutes, so keep an eye on cake after 30 minutes….
The cake turns slightly brown on top.
The cake’s texture will be spongy and light

Vanilla Buttercream Icing
Icing Sugar– 500gms
Butter – 250gms
Vanilla Essence– 1 tsps
Colors as needed
1.Beat the butter for a minute, add icing sugar little by little and beat until it turns creamy and light.. Split the butter cream icing and add the colors and mix it as required
2.To level the icing, dip the knife in lukewarm water, wipe and level it..
3.I used wilton star tip no.32

This cake is fuss free, light and sponge cake…u don’t need to trim the cake on and on..
Just use the cake for icing as it is..Enjoy

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