Homemade curd

To make Homemade Curd
Milk-1 litre
Curd-2 tbsps

1.Boil the milk and bring it to lukewarm temperature.
2.Pour the milk in any vessel (glass or earthware)
3.Add the 2 tbsps of curd and do not stir it, cover it with lid and dont distrub and move it for seven hours
4.After seven hours,Move the dish to fridge and allow it set well

If u r not living in tropical countries,u need to keep the milk in warm place,either in preheat oven (with a lowest temperature)..

To make set curd
U have to keep the curd in fridge as soon as it is set.

To make Curd rice
Boiled Rice-2 cups
Milk-One cup
Curd-Quater cup
Salt to taste

To Season
Mustard Seeds-1 tsp
Asofoedia-half tsp
Coriander leaves-3-4 stems
Ginger-half ench,chopped
Oil to shallow fry


1.Cook the rice with 5 cups of water
2.Smash the hot rice, add the milk and salt
3.Shallow fry the mustard seeds, asofoedia and ginger in oil and add it to the rice
4.Once the rice returns to room temperature ,add the curd and mix it..
Refrigerate before serving

U can also add grated carrot or diced cucumber

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