Rava dosa

Rava dosa


Rava-1 cup

Rice flour-1/2 cup

Maida-2 tsps(optional)

Curd-3 tsps(sour)

Water-4 cups

Red onion-1 cup, chopped

Curry leaves-4-5, chopped

Coriander leaves-1/4 cup,chopped

Ginger-2″inch, chopped

Green chilies– 2, chopped

Hing-1/2 tsp

pepper-1/2 tsp

Salt to taste

Cumin-1 tsp

Oil-1/3 cup


1.Mix all ingredients and make the thin (water consistency) batter. Rest it for half an hour before using.

2.Heat a flat pan, drizzle one tsp of oil, take the batter in a cup and splash it over the pan to make thin crepe like dosa.

3.Let it cook for couple of minutes and drizzle another tsp of oil.

4.Flip and cook for it another half a minute before removing and serve with coconut or spicy onion chutney.

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