Besan halwa

I have tasted this halwa in a marriage ceremony…We couldn’t find the ingredient,but initially thought it was Ashoka Halwa…But the caterer was humble enough to reply and also to share the recipe ….

I made this for last diwali.U need not  worry abt lumpiness  while making this halwa and the recipe is an easy one,except few minutes of stirring..


Besan-200 gms

Maida-50 gms

Sugar-250 gms

Ghee-200 gms

If u like Some Cardomon Powder and Fried nuts and Raisins


1.Mix the ghee ,maida and the besan into a bowl

2.Pour it in an non stick fry pan,and stir it well with medium heat

3.Once, it starts bubbling, Add the sugar

4.Stir, Stir and the stir until u get halwa consistency..that means u can roll a unsticky ball in ur fingers..

The besan will not be over powering in taste,it tastes almost like ashoka halwa…

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